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Core competency

adele:systems gmbh pools the expertise of it´s parent company rona:systems while addressing innovative solutions for future mobility and logistics.


rona:systems is an Austrian company providing an exclusive ERP-system for over 500 clients in the field of disposal industry. It´s high-end telematics system calculates performance and costs for daily more than 10.000 transport orders in Europe´s local and long distance traffic.

Business management is rona:system´s domain. To calculate the actual costs per client, also international toll-costs charged by different countries are included automatically. The cost calculation is correct even if digital tachographs or odometers were manipulated.

Technically rona:systems has always worked with parallel compatibility to other European toll-collecting systems without interfering or using their infrastructure. If all European trucks were equipped with a rona-OBU today, technically all toll-collecting systems could be replaced now! A common purpose the EU has long been trying to achieve – easily implemented.

But rona:systems had to clear two substantial hurdles to finally have an OBU meeting every EU requirement:

  • The EU data protection laws don´t allow profiling, tracking and storing of any data the trucks provide.
  • Because fraud-control is a very complex challenge for all toll-collecting systems, rona:systems needed an OBU that could combine or “link” the data of a truck towing a trailer automatically, to dispense with costly toll-barriers or other fraud-control instruments and enable toll-collection on every road-type without further infrastructure investments.

Founding of adele:systems

To be able to invest all energy and expertise into a new toll-collecting system and to allow easier contracting with future partners, adele:systems gmbh was founded in 2013 as rona:systems´ subsidiary company.

The goal adele:systems gmbh is pursuing has been and still is to overcome the aforementioned hurdles and to form licenses for the system´s commercialization.

Subsuming, adele:systems gmbh was founded upon a vast and profound expertise in the branch of European toll-collecting systems and in the branch of fraud-control and now makes this exclusive expertise available for a greater market.