The revolutionary tolling system
for streets, cities and parking areas.


Toll 4.0

• perfect data-protection
• implementation in short term
• intelligent emission reduction
• no infrastructure investments
• quick test under real conditions on site
• realizable also for countries with a small budget
• worldwide for all roads, cities and protected areas
• 100% simulation and replacement of all existing toll systems







Revolutionary technology
In the vehicle OBUs (On Board Units) geofences
are saved for self-sufficient data processing
(no infrastructure investments are required).


Geofences are edited on OpenStreetMap layers. Geofences are provided with specific attributes and then transferred online to the OBUs (On Board Units). OBUs register these geofences and calculate independently the driven km per street ID or the passing of a city or area boundary ID.  

The OBUs only need to receive position signals (GSNN) for geofence registration. Therefore, there are no roads and cities in the world that cannot be tolled with adele. The data transfer to the adele toll server is event-controlled or only carried out when there is a corresponding data connection. In addition to the registered geofence IDs, the OBUs also record km driven, speeds and 3D-driving-dynamics-data. Data protection meets the highest requirements.


adele does not use country-specific references. The system requirements are as different and diverse as the countries themselves and their system decision makers with their individual additional requirements such as e.g. state security service, military, tax authorities (e.g. reduction of the shadow economy) etc.

Each country must be a reference for itself with its individual needs and its specific infrastructure. Our experts create an individual system configuration based on the individual needs of each country. This configuration can then be tested in practice long before a contract is awarded.

The core of the adele toll system is a completely self-sufficient high-tech OBU (On Board Unit). If this fails, this vehicle can only be tolled via the tachometer-km-counter. Our system partner Aplicom guarantees a failure rate less than 1% in 10 years. Our parent company rona:systems has been using Aplicom OBUs in their thousands for 25 years. The experienced real failure rate is less than 0.5% in 20 years.

Business Model

Testing phase
When a country is interested in our toll system a system representative should be appointed, who can directly get in contact with our experts (for communication we use modern tools such as TeamViewer and simultaneous interpreters if necessary). Together with the system representative, we define which roads and/or which urban areas are to be tolled for test purposes.

adele digitizes these streets or city areas and sends the system representative one or more correspondingly programmed OBUs for connection to vehicles. The system representative receives daily evaluations from adele on a regular basis. The system representative confirms the perfect functionality and the perfect evaluations and receives an account-statement for route tolls on all high-ranking roads.

Calculation model for interested parties
For basic commercial evaluations, an EXCEL calculation is available to the system representative for the country-specific income statement for full toll expansion. The following cells must be adapted for each vehicle type: Number of vehicles, Ø km/year on toll roads and target toll amount per km. The system representative can calculate in this way future road toll revenues and investments in OBUs (infrastructure investments are not necessary due to the system itself).

adele’s income
adele receives a % of toll revenues. On the one hand, this takes into account a permanent toll revenue optimization strategy and, on the other hand, a relationship based on partnership/contract modality. Credo: Only a long-term satisfied customer, who has achieved his goals with adele will remunerate adele adequately for its services.

System balance sheet

EXCEL for full functionality please open on your computer / desktop.

-25% CO2

Each OBU (On Board Unit) stores the VIN-specific emission curve for all acceleration and speed ranges and all local speed limits. Deviations from the "ideal values" are continuously stored in the OBU. (VIN = Vehicle Identification Number)

Emission-minimized driving is rewarded
Drivers with a smooth driving style and additional compliance with all speed limits and guide values pay less or no emission toll.

Emission-intensive driving costs money
Strong acceleration, sharp braking and speeding violations are progressively assigned an appropriate emission toll.

True costing promotes public transport (public transport)
A worldwide exclusive domain of the parent company RONA is the calculation of real costs per destination. If the km-costs of a vehicle are stored in the ADELE server, it calculates the real costs per destination - even within a tour with different destination distances (Fraunhofer certificate). If the real costs, e.g. average costs for shopping in supermarket X or driving to company Y, are known, the driving behavior can change accordingly in favor of public transport.

Ture costing decimates truck traffic
If the real costs per destination travelled to are compared with the respective income, a corresponding balance is produced. RONA customers confirm that with 30% fewer vehicles the same order volume could be completed.


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